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The League:

The Frostbite Friendly League is a series of six "closed" running races for senior and junior runners from 16 road-running clubs based mainly around the Peterborough area (in the UK). The races are staged at 4-5 week intervals on a Sunday morning during the winter months from October to March (hence Frostbite). Each of the 6 races is hosted by one of the participating clubs. The senior races are all between 5 and 6 miles and the junior races are less than 1.5 miles (one day we will go metric!). The terrain varies from race to race and may be anything from a wet and muddy cross-country to road running through a town centre. The races are very well attended and each race regularly attracts over 250 runners.

Each club may enter as many runners as they want into each of the races. Scoring is based on the finish position of each team's first 10 seniors to finish and first 5 juniors to finish (see rules below) with a trophies awarded to the winning, 2nd and 3rd place teams at the end of the series.

This league is open only to senior and junior members of the 16 participating clubs. If you wish to run in any of the races you must be a member of one of the clubs as strictly no guests are allowed. Details of each of the participating clubs can be found in the "Clubs" page.

The emphasis in these races is on participation and enjoyment of all runners whatever their ability or sex and friendly rivalry between clubs.


Code of conduct: 



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(Issue 7)


1.    Name
The name of the series is the "FROSTBITE FRIENDLY LEAGUE".
2.    Affiliation
All clubs must be affiliated to a recognised athletics governing body in the UK and agree to abide by Frostbite Friendly League rules.
3.    Events
There will be six races. Each host club must be responsible for the organisation of their event. Each club must have a race organiser. Events will take place on a Sunday morning.
4.    Start
The start will be at 10:15am for the Junior race and 11:00am for the Senior race.
5.    Emphasis
The emphasis in these races is on the participation and enjoyment of all runners and helpers without the competitive element, the environment is one where the ordinary runner isn’t put off by the elite. Ladies are especially encouraged to take part.
6.    Distance
Races will be over the distance of 5 to 6 miles on any terrain. The junior race will not be more than 1.5 miles.
7.    Teams

Any number of runners may take part from each club.

For senior teams the first 10 runners to score, 3 of which must be male and 3 must be female. The remaining places may be male or female.

For junior teams the first 5 runners to score, 2 of which must be male and 2 must be a female. The remaining place may be male or female.

8.    Scoring
Runners will receive a ticket on the finishing tunnel and must hand it to their team captain. Team captains will be given score card on which they should name their first scoring members and their accumulating score. Hand card in straight away.
9.    Note
Please do not write the runner’s name on the position ticket. Team captains, after writing all of the runners full names and positions on the envelope hand it in as soon as possible after the race.
10. Finish
Once runners have gone through the finish they must not go back and run in with other club members.
11. Age and Status. 

Junior runners will be 9 and over. Senior runners will be 16 and over. Where a junior is 15 on the day of first race of the season and 16 on the day of the last race of the season they may elect to run all of the races in that season as either a junior or a senior but not both. The rule applies regardless of when a junior completes their first race of the season.

All runners must be a fully paid up member of one of the participating Clubs. Runners may run for only one Club throughout the season. No second claim runners without first claim Club approval.

12. Finance
Each participating club/team will pay a fee for each team (senior and junior taking part. Fees will be agreed at the AGM each year. Each club may, if they wish, charge their own runners to recover the fee.
13. Payment
Cheques to be made payable to the FROSTBITE FRIENDLY LEAGUE and should be sent to the treasurers address to arrive before August 1st.
14. Disputes
In the event of a dispute the league committee’s decision is final.
15. League committee
The league committee will be made up of one member from each participating club with one vote each, the league co-ordinator/chairman will have the casting vote.
16. Prizes
The overall winner, runner-up and 3rd place for both senior and junior teams will receive a trophy to be held for one year. The trophies will be awarded at the last event for the juniors and at the presentation evening for the seniors. There are no individual category prizes. Awarding of spot prizes will be decided at the AGM.
17. Points
After each event points will be awarded to each team. If there are 16 teams the team with the lowest score will receive 16 points, the second lowest 15 points and so on. In the event of two teams having the same amount of points the team with the lowest number of running scores will be above the other,
Team A 16 points and a running total of 533
Team B 16 points and a running total of 432
Team B would be in the higher position in the league table.
18. Clubs/teams
There are 16 clubs in the league. If one club drops out the committee may decide at the AGM if another club may apply to join. An individual club may elect to enter 2 teams during a particular season. However individuals must be nominated for a respective team prior to the first race taking place, and will be eligible, as in rule 11, to compete for that one team only during the season
19. Headphones
Runners must not wear headphones while competing
20. Club colours
All runners, both junior and senior must wear club colours vest/tee shirt. Failure to do so will result in disqualification, referee’s decision is final.
21. Running with dogs or buggies
Runners must not compete with a dog or buggy.
Iss1.        Rules as of July 2000
Iss2.        Amended 2004 New fees
Iss3.        Amended July 2007
Affiliation was to UK Athletics. Scoring was first 10 at least 2 ladies
Iss4.        Amended May 2011
Rule 11. Was: All senior runners will normally be aged 16 years on the day or over, and must be fully paid up members of one of the participating clubs. Runners may run for one club/team only throughout the League. Where a 15 year old runner will attain the age of 16 years during the Frostbite Season (i.e. between the dates of the first and last event) he/she may elect to compete as a senior in all events. No second claim runners without first claim club approval. The league committee cannot give approval or get involved. Junior age is 9 up to their 16th birthday on the day of the race.
Rule 12. Was: £100 & £30
Rule 16. Was: Each club will receive one spot prizes per senior team and one per junior team, for each event, to distribute within their club how they deem fit. There are no category prizes. The overall winning senior and junior team will receive a shield at the last event for the juniors and at the presentation evening for the seniors
Iss5.        Amended Aug 2012
Rule 7. Was: Any number of runners can take part from each club.
For senior teams first 10 runners to score, 3 of which must be ladies. (In the event of a predominantly ladies turnout at least 3 of the scorers must be men). For junior teams first 5 children to score one of which must be a girl
Iss6.        Amended May 2013.
Rules 19 and 20 added.
Iss7.        Amended May 2017.
Rule 21 added, clarification of rule 11 where a junior become 16 during the season.
Iss8.        Amended May 2019.
Rule 7, junior scoring amended to: five to score comprising two boys and two girls plus either boy or girl as 5th runner.